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A True Stump Ninja

We don’t call ourselves the Stump Ninja for no reason, rather like a ninja we are fast and proficient in our work excelling in stump grinding, cutting, and removal. We are a family owned business too which means we can offer you that personalized and old fashioned customer service which is lacking in so many businesses today. Located in Queensland, we service all of the Sunshine Coast!

Rely on Us

You can rely on us for all your stump grinding needs, including narrow access and confined space services on your premises. We will grind stumps of all sizes too below ground level. We are professional, on time service and fully insured for you. We pride ourselves on the work we do and our growing customer base is proof to the quality of service we offer you. 

Fully Trained 

We are fully trained and experienced professionals in our field and have vast knowledge on stumps. No stump is truly too big or small for us. We have seen them all and know our stumps like the back of our hands. We employ the use of modern specialized equipment which ensures we will safely cut your tree stumps and trunks down to the correct height prior to grinding your stump down.  

 For all your stump needs please contact us today on: 0423 000 140

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