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Stumping it Out

At the Stump Ninja, we are the professionals to carry out quality stump grinding works and general stump cutting and removal. Using the best machinery featuring brands like Vameer, Stump Grinder and Stihl you can rest assured that we have both the skill and the expertise to carry out the work. We also have the right level of public liability insurance which ensures both you and us.

Our Services 

We offer you the following services which consist of: 
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Cutting
  • Stump Removal
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Let us Ground it Out

After you have removed a tree, you are often left with a tree stump in your yard, which is can be a real ugly sight. It just doesn’t belong there and every time you see it, you end up feeling frustrated. Did you know that one of the best ways to remove a stump is to have it ground out. That’s we come in to help. Stump grinding actually prepares the ground for landscaping. Our team of stump removalists have the experience and the right equipment to remove your stump safely and efficiently. We have in our possession a great range of stump grinders which will grind out most stumps no matter their shape and size. 

What about Excavation? 

When it comes to stump removal you will find that excavation is often restricted by access, is more expensive than our service and earthmoving equipment is far less maneuverable than our stump grinders. In addition using earthmoving equipment can be highly damaging to our existing landscape and garden. Our equipment will minimise any damage whatsoever to your landscape or garden. 

To have your stump grinded, call us today on: 0423 000 140

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